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Quality Policy

The approach of "VARVOUTSIS LEONIDAS" to quality is expressed through the Company's Quality System, which creates the framework for the continuous improvement of the Company's operations with the main aim of satisfying the requirements and expectations of the recognized as interested parties, to the maximum extent possible degree. 

The motivating power of the Company is the continuous improvement at all levels. For that reason, the risk analysis is fed by non-conformances as well as opportunities and monitored through objective quality objectives. Possible discrepancies, fuel correction and improvement actions, having as a legacy the:

- Staffing of the Company with highly trained personnel.

- Selection of reliable partners and suppliers.

- Company equipment (hardware, software).

- Constant communication with the client for the correct recording of his requirements, the register and settlement of any variation of each contract.

- Recording and reduction of any failures with the aim of continuous/quality improvement of the produced products as well as the internal operation

- Continuous effort to improve the products provided in a way that promotes and ensures the provision of effective service and the development of harmonious cooperation ties with its customers and suppliers.

- Identifying and evaluating potential risks arising from the Company's operational activities and taking measures to address them

- Management of the changes that take place within the Company and which may have an effect on the quality of the products 

The Company's Management undertakes to ensure that:

- Its quality policy should be known and understood both internally (staff) and externally (website)

- It is reviewed for its continued relevance.

- All the necessary means for the continuous and smooth operation of the System and its continuous improvement, will be provided.


It is also committed to comply with the Laws and Regulations that govern its operation.

Leonidas Varvoutsis, General Manager & Management Representative, undertakes the task of supervision, maintenance, and development of the Quality Management System.